3 Tips on How to Find the Right-Fit Virtual Assistant


The Virtual Assistant has become an indispensible asset to every business organization regardless of size or scale. Whether you are a company that generates $10 Million a year or a startup looking to net $100,000 in the first full year of operation, a Virtual Assistant will help you surpass profitability targets.

But with so many people entering the virtual assistance profession, it becomes more challenging to look for the best candidates. The key is to shift your focus to a Virtual Assistant who is right-fit for your business.

“Right-Fit” means someone who understands and acknowledges the purpose of your business and willingly subscribes to your vision. Right – fit candidates may not be the best in terms of credentials and references but they are the most dedicated people you can find for your business.

Here are 3 tips on how to find the right-fit Virtual Assistant for your business:

1. Identify the Tasks You Want Outsourced

Before you even commence recruitment activities, you should be clear on what tasks you want to outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants are no longer just secretaries or personal assistants. Since the new millennium, the virtual assistance industry has opened its doors to candidates with various skills.

It doesn’t matter what area you want filled out or which tasks you want outsourced. You will find a Virtual Assistant for the job.

Create a summary of the tasks you want outsourced and use this as reference for the “Scope of Work” the formal document you have to provide the Virtual Assistant.

The Scope of Work is usually attached to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is the standard contract between the Client and the Virtual Assistant.

2. Start With the Job Posting

Qualifying a right-fit Virtual Assistant can start with the job posting. One of the strong points of a Virtual Assistant is attention to detail. The best ones are meticulous when it comes to instructions because they do not want to make costly mistakes.

Some clients use the job post as a creative way to qualify which ones are meticulous enough to read through the entire text. You will often come across job posts that are very long; some are longer than 1,000 words and written in small sized font.

The purpose is to test the patience and determination of each candidate. Usually near the end of the job post is a crucial instruction which must be carried out or the application will be disqualified.

If you want to hire a right-fit Virtual Assistant, he or she must be willing to extend all efforts to get the job done right.  

3. Focus on the Behavioral

Clients make the mistake of emphasizing the technical and fundamental competencies of the candidate.

You can hire the candidate with the most glowing references and longest list of accomplishments. But if he or she is not right-fit, the relationship will not work and may end up disruptive.

Focus on the behavioral aspects: personality and attitude. Find out what values they believe in and how they approach work. Ask them about the most difficult experiences they had at work and life and how they managed to resolve them.

The principle of “Right-Fit” has become an important factor in hiring people. Tony Hsieh of Zappos does not use the resume as basis for hiring personnel. Instead he gauges if the candidate will be a fit to their culture.

Always keep in mind that people can be trained to become more proficient at work. However, there is no specific type of training that can change a person from who he or she already is.

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