How to Motivate and Inspire Your Virtual Assistant



If you want to get more productive work from your Virtual Assistant, the best approach would be to find ways to motivate and inspire them. Money is not always the motivation why people work; for most it is just the opportunity to contribute to success. Here are 5 ways to motivate and inspire your Virtual Assistant:

Encourage Goal Setting

Goal setting has been proven to be a powerful tool for extracting top notch performance whether in school, sports or work. A goal sets a target for you to shoot for; it establishes direction and represents your purpose.

Establish goals together with your Virtual Assistant but make sure these are achievable:

  • There must be historical basis or precedence for the goals;
  • The goals must be realistic and attainable;
  • The goals must be measurable;
  • There must be a pre-determined time frame;
  • Keep the goals manageable

Assuming you can dedicate 90 minutes to accomplish a goal, it would not be realistic to target 3-4 goals within an 8 hour schedule. Identify 3 top goals and prioritize them.

Communicate Regularly

Communication is vital in business. It becomes more crucial if you are working with someone who does not shared space but instead operates behind another computer perhaps thousands of miles away.

The best way to circumvent the limitations of shared space collaboration is through frequent and effective communication:

  • Use dependable online channels;
  • Always conduct audio-video conference calls;
  • Have an agenda ready one day before and provide the Virtual Assistant a copy.

Communication gives you the venue to address existing problems and concerns. It is also a great way to build a strong, trustworthy relationship.

Show Appreciation for a Job Well Done

A Virtual Assistant is also a person who appreciates recognition. Many will attribute success to “just doing my job”. But a little appreciation goes a long way.

If your Virtual Assistant is able to submit a deadline on time without compromising quality of work and in fact, did above and beyond what you expected, let him or her know how you feel.

  • Invite your Virtual Assistant to an impromptu meeting then proceed to thank him or her personally for the great work rendered;
  • Send your Virtual Assistant a personal e-mail on how you appreciate his or her dedication to work;
  • Send a small token of appreciation. It doesn’t have to be money; perhaps a paid gift certificate or a few days off with pay.

Create a Feedback Loop

When you are meeting with your Virtual Assistant, do not monopolize the discussion. Give the Virtual Assistant the opportunity to share his or her views on work and problems currently existing in operation.

Some clients are too thin-skinned to accept comments from their Virtual Assistant but creating a feedback loop is an effective way to make your business better. Virtual Assistants perceive your business from a different filter. Their comments and suggestions should be taken constructively.

Remember Them on Special Days

Some virtual assistants do not mind working on Christmas or New Year’s Day. For them its work and they do have the luxury of working from home. Still, this highlights their commitment for your business to succeed. It’s not just the money; they also have other clients they are probably servicing as well.

On these special days’ even birthdays, send them special tokens of well-wishes. Even a virtual cake with candles and a song will be funny bit still appreciated. Of course, you should include a generous adjustment in their fees as a gesture of goodwill.

It is important to have a motivated and inspired Virtual Assistant working for you. This is especially true if you have found a Virtual Assistant who consistently turns in excellent work.


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