Short on Time? Hire a Virtual Assistant

For entrepreneurs, hiring a Virtual Assistant may give them a better understanding of the value of time. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers by nature. They like to be at the driver’s seat and chart the course toward entrepreneurial success. They are driven, passionate and will do everything they can to achieve their business ambitions.

And that is why many entrepreneur- driven businesses close shop within 5 years time.

In business, it’s not the amount of time you spend but what you do with the time available that matters more. If you’re putting in 14 hour work days but only 2 of those hours are focused on core functions, how is that helping your business?

Here’s a short checklist. Go over them carefully and give proper insight. If you answer “Yes” to most of these questions then you are not managing your time properly:

  1. Do you find yourself doing too much administrative work? (E-mail filtering, phone handling, calendar management, appointment setting, bills payment)
  2. Are you constantly behind deadlines?
  3. Do you have to say “No” to opportunities because you can no longer accept new clients?
  4. Do you spend time learning new skills because your business requires them?
  5. Do you accomplish less than 3 major tasks per day?
  6. Do you wish you could spend more time with your friends and family?
  7. Do you wish you could have more time to take care of your health?
  8. Are you frequently stressed out or feeling overwhelmed?
  9. Do you find yourself “dreaming” of expanding your business?
  10. Do you sometimes think 24 hours in a day is never enough?
  11. Are you disappointed with the size of your bank account?
  12.  Do you get less than 7 hours of sleep a night?

All of these are experiences and incidents that could lead to opportunity cost for your business.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you will be able to manage time more effectively and make each day more productive through the following ways:

Delegate Non- Essential Tasks – Write down all the tasks that are needed to be done in your business. Categorize them as “core” and “non-core”. “Core” tasks are those that are directly related to the main enterprise of your business. “Non-Core” are supportive or administrative tasks. Delegate non-core tasks to your Virtual Assistant.

Identify Your Goals – The night before, identify at least 3 main goals that you want to accomplish the following day. These 3 goals must be realistic, attainable and measurable.

Start Your Day Earlier – Now that you are free of administrative tasks, you can start your day earlier and fresher. You can attend to the main business at hand because you are no longer tasked with filtering e-mail or taking phone calls. You might even get to enjoy your coffee for the first time since your business started!

Organize Your Work – Meet with your Virtual Assistant and organize your work schedule. Your VA can help arrange all your meetings and remind you of upcoming deadlines. You no longer have to rush work and compromise its quality.

Balance Life and Work – Your daily schedule should include time spent with family, friends and of course, yourself. You should have time to rest, relax and exercise.

Is success in work a function of hard work or quality work? In truth it’s a function of both. Even if a Virtual Assistant is able to manage your time and allow you to dedicate more focus to the things that need to get done, if will be useless unless you give it your best effort.

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